Ajay Bains

Front end Developer

An upcoming web developer with love for everything related to it. I am passionate about improving everyday. i also love mountains and minimalism.Love problem solving and creating new things. Introvert but not shy.
Right now i own a retail store , and in my earlier responsibilites i'v managed teams to execute national social infrastructure schemes. Now i have found love in tech which was always there but now with better internet infrastructure and free knowldege on internet i am upskilling myself everyday!

Tech Stack








Crypto coins- Click on a coin to get details.React SPA

Fav Pics -Node js Exxpress mongo db and EJS

Events mania made from a sample api! using react!

Me on board International Space Station,check live location

A minimalistic music Player rmade with HTML CSS and JS

Desktop version of Allbirds' ecom landing page,using HTML,CSS and JS- no JS librarires used

Dental CLinic - website made with react JS

Website-Plain HTML CSS website